Frederic Acquaviva

Aatie for voice and ensemble
Lore Ipsum for Voice and dead electronics
MESS for Voice, buchla and electronics
120 Days of Musica for Voice and various

Thomas Ades

Life Story for voice and piano (1994)

George Aperghis

Tingel Tangel for voice and ensemble
Récitations for solo voice (1978)
Tourbillons In Gigante golia for voice and ensemble
Monomanie for solo voice
Sept Crime d'armour for voice, percussion and clarinet
Conversations for solo voices

Milton Babbit

Sounds and Words for voice and piano
Phenomena for voice and piano
Du for voice and piano
Du 2 for voice, piano and viola Philomel


B minor Mass
St Matthew passion
St John Passion
The Cantatas

Gerald Barry

The Intelligence Park
The Bitter tears of Petra Von Kant


Bluebirds Castle - Judith

Cathy Berberian

Stripsody for voice solo (1966)

Alban Berg

Sieben frühe Lieder (1905/08)
Zwei Lieder
Wozzeck (Marie) (1916-22)

Luciano Berio

Sequenza III for female voice (1965/66)
Recital I (for Cathy) for mezzo solo and large ensemble (1972)
O King for mezzo solo and five instruments (1967)
Folk Songs for mezzo solo and ensemble (1964)
Circles for voice, harp and 2 percussion (1960)
A-ronne for voice ensemble
Cries of London for vocal ensemble

Harrison Birtwistle

Niedecker Verses for voice and cello (2000)
Down by the Greenwood Side (Mrs Green) (1968-9)
Victoria Borisova-Ollas
The Ground Beneath Her Feet, mezzo, baritone and orchestra (2006)

Earle Brown

November, version I and November, version II from Folio for voice and ensemble (1952)
Trio for five Dancers for voice and ensemble (1952)
Tracking Pierrot for voice and ensemble (1954)

Diana Burrell

Paragraph for voice, violin and electronics
Violin Concerto for Chamber Orchestra, voice, violin and electronics

John Cage

Aria (1958)
Europera V (1992)
Three Songs for voice and piano (1932-33)
The Wonderful Widow of 18 Springs for voice and closed piano (1942)
A Flower, for voice and closed piano (1950)
Experiences 2 for solo voice
5 Songs for alto and piano
She is Asleep, for voice and prepared piano (1943)

Laurence Crane

Weirdi for voice and ensemble
Tour de France Statisticsfor voice and piano

George Crumb

Apparition for voice and amplified piano (1979)
Ancient Voice of the Children for voice and ensemble (1972)

Pascal Dusapin

Canto for soprano, clarinet and cello

Hans Eisler

Hollywooder Liederbuch for voice and piano
Zeitungsausshnitte for voice and piano

Simon Emmerson

Time Past IV for soprano and tape (1984)
Sentences for voice and electronics (1990-91)

Morton Feldman

I met Heine on the Rue Fürstenberg for voice and ensemble
Three Voices

Luc Ferrari

Chansons pour le corps for solo voice and ensemble (1988-94)

Micheal Finnissy

Vedetis Enim interiorem for voice and violin
Warara for voice and ensemble

Dai Fujikura

Accompanying Franz for solo voice
As I Am for voice and large ensemble

Volker Hein

I(NA) for voice and electric guitar (1994)

Isidore Isou

Oevre Poetique for voice

Bernard Heidsieck

Oevre Poetique for voice

Simon Holt

Six Caprices for solo voice

Kenneth Hesketh

The Singing Bone for mezzo, piano (or ensemble)

Maurice Lemaitre

Oevre Poetique for voice

Gyorgy Ligeti

Adventures & Nouvelles Aventures for sop, mezzo, bar, and ensemble (1962/3)
The Mysteries of the Macabre for voice and piano (1974 - 77), (transciption by Elgar Howarth)
Sippal Doppal for mezzo soprano and percussion (2000)

Stuart MacRae

Two Scenes from the death of Count Ugolino for voice ensemble

Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf

Angelus Novus for solo soprano

Peter Maxwell Davies

Miss Donnithorne's Maggot (Miss Doonithorpe) (1974)
The Medium for solo voice (2004)
Dark Angels for guitar and voice

Olivier Messiaen

Harawi for voice and piano
Poem pour mi for voice and large ensemble

Gyorgy Kurtag

Kafka Fragments Op.24 for voice and violin (1985 - 86)
Three old Insciptions Op.25 for voice and piano (1986)
Four Capriccioso Op.9 for voice and ensemble (1972)
Scenes from a Novella for voice and ensemble

Sergej Newski

Pesnya for solo voice

Luigi Nono

La fabbrica illuminata for voice and tape (1964)
A floresta è jovem e cheja de vida
Tre Voci

Luis Ortega

Lonquin for voice and percussion

Jocelyn Pook

Ingerland, ensemble opera

Enno Poppe

Wespe for solo voice (2005)


Dido and Aeneus
The Indian Queen
King Arthur

Niels Roensholdt

Reach out and Touch me for voice, harpsichord and electronics

Giacinto Scelsi

Canti di Capricorma for voice and percussion

Salvatore Sciarrino

Vanitas for mezzo, cello and piano (1981)
Le Voci sottovetro for voice and ensemble
‘Infinito Nero’ for voice and ensemble
‘The Aspern Papers’ for Voice and ensemble

Arnold Schoenberg

Pierrot Lunaire (1912)
Das Buch der hangenden Garten (1908 - 09)
Lied der Waldtaube (1913)
Sechs Lieder, Op.3 (1899 - 1903)
Zwei Balladen, Op.12 (1907)
Drei Lieder, Op.48 (1933)
Zwei Lieder, Op.14
Zwei Lieder, Op Post
Acht Lieder, Op.6 (1903 - 05)

Bent Sorensen

Roses are falling for voice and piano (1999)
6 Songs for violin and voice (2000)
Vocalise for voice solo (2004)
Intermezzo for two mezzos and Orchestra
Cavatina for voice,violin and piano

Gerhard Staebler

Fallen, fallen ... und liegen und fallen for mez, accordion and tube (1988)
Zeitsprunge for mex, accoidion and perc. (1990)
Belfast Breakfast Songs (1996)
Strafkolonie for voice and percussion
Nachtstuck III for voice and piano tape
Udo Jen Songs for voice and piano

Andrew Toovey

Einsamkeit for voice and ensemble (1990)

Gils Wolman

Oevre Poetique for Voice